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Netgear files patent licensing lawsuit against Huawei in U.S.



Huawei Netgear patent licensing lawsuit

Huawei is amid patent licensing headlines as Netgear has filed a lawsuit against the Chinese tech giant in the U.S. As per the inputs, the computer networking firm cites that Huawei has violated some vital U.S. laws on the patent matter.

Netgear Incorporation is a U.S.-based computing network company in San Jose, California. As the term reflects, it relates to the hardware networking operations for consumers, businesses, and service providers across the world.

Speaking of the latest edition, Netgear filed a patent licensing lawsuit against Huawei in California federal court on Tuesday and said that the company has disobeyed the U.S. antitrust law by refusing to license its patents on a fair basis.

To understand this story, let’s first learn about patent licensing:

What is Patent Licensing?

Patents that lie under standard-essential categories and include significant inventions need to follow global technical requirements like Bluetooth and 5G. Besides, patent owners are instructed to license these applications on reasonable conditions.

Eventually, patent licensing is a type of agreement for the patent owner to permit other firms and organizations to use its technology while retaining its ownership.

Huawei Netgear patent licensing lawsuit

However, the information reveals that Huawei simply refused to license its patent. Netgear claims that the Chinese tech maker has abused patent-infringement regulations to increase its growth rate in the respective subject.

On the other hand, such violations often force other companies to indulge in high-priced activities, fulfill huge fee demands, and struggle with exclusion in the market.

Netgear further blamed Huawei for holding back patent licenses on those technologies that the computer networking firm requires to meet its global projects. It also marked accusations like fraud and racketeering on the Chinese tech maker.

To cover up, Huawei has filed an infringement lawsuit against Netgear in Germany and China. This is not the first time that both parties have confronted each other. A same case appeared in 2020 when the Chinese tech giant accused the U.S. firm of breaking patent rules and demanded licensing fees.

Huawei has not made any comment yet on this matter. Though the tech maker seems to be ready to fight back against such problems effectively.


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