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Media platform CCTV News launches HarmonyOS native app development



CCTV News HarmonyOS native app development

Today, CCTV News – the well-known media platform in China started the HarmonyOS native app development. The company announced the new initiation at the 2024 Innovative Program conference and cited the major benefits of this cooperation.

Both CCTV News and Huawei have shared the latest information on the official Weibo page. The media platform further mentions that the new HarmonyOS NEXT Galaxy-based app will offer comprehensive content, services, and experiences to users.

CCTV (China Central Television) is a Chinese broadcasting platform that covers around 50 channels with various programs for more than 1 billion viewers in six languages. It features news communication, social education, culture, and entertainment services to consumers in China.

To expand the reach of effective services, CCTV News joined hands with Huawei to launch the HarmonyOS native app development. Huawei’s Consumer Business Group CEO – Yu Chengdong also attended the press conference and stated:

“As a national media platform, CCTV News announced that it has joined the HarmonyOS ecosystem, which will further improve the HarmonyOS native app ecological landscape. We will jointly create a new and more intelligent news ecosystem and lead the media industry. A new trend. I also wish CCTV News to continue to be far ahead in the all-scenario digital trend in the media industry!”

CCTV News HarmonyOS native app development

The step towards the HarmonyOS NEXT-based app will enable the CCTV News platform to provide users with access to the HarmonyOS ecosystem. Users would be able to experience more valuable services and facilities.

Meanwhile, the CCTV News HarmonyOS native application will contribute to a high-quality and efficient audio-visual experience for consumers. Thus, it would be a significant move to enhance the media platform to a greater extent.


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