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Major Android 13 update will bring new battery statics



Android 13 update battery stats page

What if we say that some old features of Android 12 will appear in Android 13, but in a new avatar? Yes, Google is working on the first major Android 13 update, and hearsay to implement the old battery stats usage page in a redesigned manner.

To those who are unaware, Google has launched the battery usage page with the Android 12 operating system. As the name reflect, the feature used to inspect and deliver an accurate report regarding the battery usage of a device.

Further, this feature was available in the Settings menu of the interface and has packed some more functions in its package. For instance, Battery Saver, Adaptive Preferences, and more. Though the feature was quite useful, its presence didn’t made a significant effect on consumers.

Hence, to provide a new meaning to the respective element, Google has completely redesigned the battery stats usage page with the Android 13 system update. Instead of giving simple information, the feature will now offer advanced reports.

Android 13 update battery stats page

Battery Stats Page Usage – Revamped mode

Previously, the feature used to show only the last full charge timings. However, with the upcoming updates of Android 13, the revamped battery stats page usage will show the power consumption over the past 24 hours irrespective of the charging terms.

Consequently, this feature will now show you how the battery life degrades during the whole day. Eventually, you can easily compare the battery life of your device throughout the day. It is far better than just depending on the generic time of the battery.

On the contrary, this revamp will work more effectively for the users. Rather than just relying on the last full charge, now you would know how many apps have used the battery. A hint of this feature was found in the Android 13 QPR1 Beta 2.

As per the latest information, we would be able to see this feature by the end of this year. As usual, the company will begin rolling out the update to the Pixel devices. Thereafter, it will gradually shift to other Android phones. Till then, you tell us what are your thoughts regarding the redesigned feature.

Android 13 update battery stats page


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