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MagicOS will surpass HarmonyOS and iOS: Honor



Recently, Honor CEO, Zhao Ming gave an interesting statement and set an aim for MagicOS to surpass Huawei HarmonyOS and Apple iOS with the features of the future generation of this Android-based software.

Actually, Honor CEO was speaking at the occasion of an R&D lab inauguration and accepted a media interview. He responded to a question regarding Apple and the Apple ecosystem.

He said Honor will improve MagicOS and will next focus on user experience that is comparable to iOS and HarmonyOS. Mr. Zhao added that Honor wants to achieve the level and surpass other operating systems in terms of fluency. Honor CEO also aims to build a better ecosystem with its own capabilities.

MagicOS vs HarmonyOS and iOS:

Zhao said that the Huawei Mate series was the benchmark for battery life and networking in the past but none of the companies can now compete against Honor.

“Who will challenge the battery life of Magic 5 today? No. Who will challenge the communication of Magic 5? None.” he said.

Therefore, he wants to go in a head-on fight against HarmonyOS and iOS. Furthermore, he acknowledged that these two software are far better than others and Honor wants to lead ahead of them in benchmarks.

This is quite an amazing statement and we’ll have to wait to see how Honor implements such changes in reality.

MagicOS HarmonyOS iOS

The story didn’t stop there, the Honor Chief of Staff mentioned that Apple is not well equipped in terms of smartphone hardware. The networking capabilities and battery life is poor. The poor Apple experience is recognized by many consumers and iPhone’s signal strength along with its battery life. Moreover, the bezels are also bigger than Honor phones.

He also claimed that the main reason that Apple phones are expensive is because of its software, iOS, and ecosystem. That’s how it covers the hardware limitations of iPhones.


Last year, Honor announced MagicOS upgrading from Magic UI. Since it’s partitioned with Huawei, the company wants to establish its own image in software services with this new name. Interestingly, Honor has made numerous changes in the user interface and made it better than Magic UI 6.

We would definitely want to see the challenge that Honor will bring with MagicOS in order to surpass HarmonyOS and iOS altogether.


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