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MagicOS 8.0 (Android 14) will be a major update



MagicOS 8.0

Yesterday, Honor 90 Series smartphones launched and it comes with MagicOS 7.1. However, the chief of Honor, Zhao Ming said MagicOS 8.0 will be a major upgrade.

The current generation of MagicOS 7.0 and 7.1 are based on Android 13. Therefore, MagicOS 8.0 will be using Android 14 when it will be announced officially. The Honor Chief also mentioned that the company needs some time to reveal this new MagicOS version in order to bring a better user experience.

He also expects the company to match the fluency of HarmonyOS in terms of competition. Meanwhile, he refrained to reveal any features for the upcoming MagicOS version.

MagicOS 8.0

Android 14:

According to the official Android roadmap, Google will release this operating system version around August. Meanwhile, the platform stability code will finalize in June and July. Thereafter, Honor and other Android phone makers could release the latest software skin based on Android 14.

Android 14 brings new accessibility features, which help to increase the visuals. There may be new changes in the app management and privacy settings.

Google is ready to follow HarmonyOS in terms of lock screen customizations. So, Android 14 will bring a custom lock screen to enhance the overall user experience. These consist of custom wallpaper and AI-powered real-time wallpaper generation capability.

However, I like the emoji wallpaper the most. But Honor phones are still lacking themed icon adaptation and they might finally get it with Android 14 powered MagicOS 8.0.

This new Android version will also improve video processing and camera APIs. In terms of appearance, Honor phones might get a new predictive back gesture as an addition.

MagicOS 7.1:

Currently, most of the Honor phones run MagicOS 7.1, it’s the first substantial upgrade over MagicOS 7.0. Last year, Honor decided to part away naming from Magic UI, and first announced by Huawei. Now, the company is making all of the new software changes under the “MagicOS” branding.


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