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Let’s recap the Huawei P-series cameras



Huawei P series camera

On March 23, Huawei will add a new chapter to the P-series with P60 equipped with new camera technologies. Before that, we should recap the previous P-series flagship cameras to know the past improvements.

For this, we’ve chosen P10, P20, P30, P40, and P50 series. Let’s dive into the camera.

Huawei P series camera

Huawei P10:

As the first major breakthrough device in the P-series, Huawei P10 brings a brand new dual camera system arranged horizontally on the top. It consists of a 12MP main with optical image stabilization and a 20Mp black and white lens for good quality photographs.

Huawei P20:

This is one of the most popular and headline maker Huawei P-series phones with triple cameras. It’s also the world’s first phone with the triple-lens on the rear side.

You should know that Huawei P20 Pro has a 20Mp monochrome camera, 40MP RGB camera, and first ever 8MP telephoto camera. These aren’t just the numbers, the phone actually delivered jaw-dropping photographs.

Huawei P30:

With the unveiling of the Huawei P30 Pro, Huawei check marked all of the standards of photography and began a new leadership in the smartphone world.

Huawei P30 Pro scared Apple and Samsung and it shaped the upcoming era of mobile camera technologies for every consumer.

The phone picks up the first quad camera arrangement. It is made of a 40+20+8MP Leica quad rear camera with autofocus (laser focus, phase focus, contrast focus), and supports AIS (Huawei AI Image Stabilization).

It’s also the first smartphone in the mobile industry to feature an RYYB color matrix instead of RGGB. It’s the first flagship that seized the moment with its periscope zoom technology and made everyone talk about it.

Huawei P40 Pro and Pro+:

Huawei P40 Pro+ sports a 50MP Ultra Vision Camera (Wide Angle, f/1.9 aperture, OIS) + 40MP Cine Camera (Ultra-Wide Angle, f/1.8 aperture) + 8MP SuperZoom Camera (10X Optical Zoom, f/4.4 aperture, OIS) + 8MP Telephoto Camera (3X Optical Zoom, f/2.4 aperture, OIS) + 3D Depth Sensing Camera. Huawei P40 Pro+ also has 5 cameras and two of these are only made for telephoto operations.

Huawei P50:

Even in a time of difficulty, Huawei debuted its new P-series smartphone, P50, which brings us Huawei’s new dual camera system.

It comes with a 50 MP True-Chroma Camera (Color, f/1.8 aperture, OIS), a 40 MP True-Chroma Camera (MONO, f/1.6 aperture), a 13 MP Ultra-Wide Angle Camera (f/2.2 aperture) and 64 MP Telephoto Camera (f/3.5 aperture, OIS), support AF. These cameras generate massive details and color composition as compared to past devices.

Huawei P60:

The Huawei P60 series will be a great addition to the entire P-series family. It will offer new variable aperture technology, an XMAGE imaging system, a large image sensor, improved periscope zoom, and many other improvements designed to reign supreme.

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