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Leju launches humanoid robot ‘Kuafu’ with OpenHarmony system



Leju Kuafu robot OpenHarmony

Leju Robot which is one of the leading Humanoid Robots companies has launched a new product called ‘Kuafu’ powered by the OpenHarmony system. Notably, this is the first robot that can jump as well as walk on several types of ground.

According to the information, Leju Kuafu Humanoid robot equips KaihongOS which is based on the OpenHarmony system. It has an open-source motion controller that you can connect to various modules. For instance trajectory planning, feedback control, and state estimation.

Eventually, the robot is completely adaptable to sand, grass, obstacles, and other types of surfaces. Besides, it can jump to a height of 20cm. Speaking of the characteristics, Kuafu uses self-developed joints with a top torque of 360Nm and a rated speed of 150rpm.

Moving to the body structure, the robot arms have 14 degrees of freedom whereas, the legs have 12 degrees of freedom. It further installs a depth camera and can be linked with a variety of end accessories for secondary development, or connected to a mainstream large model.

Kuafu also supports omnidirectional walking up to 4.6km/h. It contains HDMI and USB 3.0 interface and landed on the floor in bold black and white color shades. The Kuafu robot is available for sale on the official website.

Leju Kuafu robot OpenHarmony


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