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Leak suggests full 64-bit core structure for next-gen Huawei Kirin chips



Huawei Kirin chips 64-bit cores

Huawei is reportedly working on several new Kirin chips that are likely to support only a full 64-bit core structure and ditch the 32-bit design this year. The company seems to adopt a more advanced and useful base for its upcoming chipsets.

Years ago, Huawei unveiled a 7nm 64-bit ARM-compatible processor – Kunpeng 920 with 8 DDR4 RAM channels and two 100GbE ports. Now, a new leak suggests that the tech giant could completely switch to this infrastructure for new chips.

According to @BeijingDigitalMaster, the 32-bit applications are at the stage to fully exit the market. Following the advancement, the next-gen Huawei Kirin chips could use a complete 64-bit core design to support only 64-bit apps.

Up to this point, Kirin processors remain compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit applications. Although to make things more beneficial for consumers, the Chinese tech giant is likely to drop the 32-bit structure support for its self-developed processors.

This also hints that the approaching Kirin chips might be comparable to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 with more powerful, stable, and efficient performance.

Huawei Kirin chips 64-bit cores

Huawei Kirin leak (Source: Weibo)

64-bit Benefits:

The 64-bit instruction set offers performance improvements and better computing capabilities to the hardware. It further helps in delivering a faster and more responsive experience as well as meets the demands of new compute-intensive workloads.

Moreover, 64-bit processing can easily handle more data at a time and helps the latest technologies run efficiently on the device. With a full 64-bit core structure, Kirin chips can fetch, move, or process files much faster than 32-bit processors.

Huawei has been promoting 64-bit applications of AppGallery for a long while. It is also removing the 32-bit apps from the segment for a healthy and better user experience. Perhaps, this strategy could be implemented in new Kirin processors as well.

Huawei Kirin chips 64-bit cores


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