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Intel says it has applied for licenses to sell to Huawei



The US Commerce Department has been working to publish a clear guideline for the supplier interest to sell to Huawei and Intel said it has also applied for licenses to sell products to the company.

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Bob Swan, CEO of Intel, told CNBC that his company had been selling some products to Huawei in the second quarter after determining what products were “within the rules of the law.”

“But the process now is that we file licenses to try to get approval and we’ve submitted quite a few licenses for our product and … the U.S. administration had announced last week that they’re going to try to process the licenses from the industry in an expedient fashion so we are encouraged by that,” Swan said, adding that he has no idea how long the applications will take.

Swan also said, Intel’s license approval is mainly for general purpose computing chips, which he feels do not pose any national security risk if sold to Huawei.

It’s expected that the Commerce Department, which included Huawei into the ‘Entity-List‘, can take the final decision on special licenses to supply the Chinese tech giant by next week.

Wilbur Ross, Secretary of U.S. Commerce said he has received more than 50 applications so far for special licenses to do business with Huawei but the Trump administration is waiting for all of the interested suppliers, so then they can proceed them all together.

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