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Industry owns 1.5 million worldwide 5G sites: Huawei



Huawei 5G

On 2nd November, Huawei chairman Liang Hua participate in the 2021 China Mobile Global Partner Conference and gave a keynote speech on 5G. During his speech, he mentioned, the total amount of global information and data has a stormy increase.

The statics shows, the average use of data was only 100GB of data per day in 1992. However, the numbers have increased to 1.5GB of data per person per day for the 7 billion people across the globe.

In this line, a single automotive vehicle is able to use up to 64TB of data in a day. Computing power is becoming the new infrastructure in the smart society. Its widespread use isn’t untouched in any industry.

5G sites and Use:

Huawei Chairman further informed, 1.5 million 5G sites have been constructed across the globe to date. In addition, 520 million users are enjoying 5G services through the 176 5G commercial network web.

The overall development is taking the people towards an immersive experience. For example, the initial buffer delay has been reduced from 3s to 0.5s for 1GB HD videos. The industry has made great achievements, achieving bufferless double speed, from the past.

Huawei 5G

Speaking of 5G applications, more than 10,000 5G industry innovation projects developed to date. Furthermore, the 5G sites positioned by Huawei in different industries such as steel, ports, mining, manufacturing, healthcare, etc are performing important characters.

Chairman Liang Hua also informs about the company’s two operating systems- HarmonyOS and OpenEuler at the conference. Where the first one targets all devices with minimal memories, the second one covers server edge computing, cloud, and embedded devices.

Furthermore, both OSs show internal connection and easily connect other devices with both software. To put it simpler, HarmonyOS devices are able to automatically establish connections with the devices on OpenEuler. At last, he concluded his speech by saying, Huawei is looking forward to working with the industry and building an open-source operating system ecology.

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