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Huawei’s programing language will launch in the second half of this year



harmonyos programming language

At the Huawei Partner and Developer Conference 2022, Deng Taihua, Vice President of Huawei and President of the Computing Product Line, was interviewed by the media and gave updates on Huawei’s self-developed programming language that will launch in 2022.

Deng Taihua said the total installed capacity of the entire EulerOS series has exceeded 1.7 million units, and the new market share has reached 19%. Deng revealed that Huawei will not pursue the increase in the number of Euler partners, but Huawei will pay more attention to large-scale deployment.

“Be the number one in the new market first, because the replacement of IT is very fast, and then it will take a few years to make enough replacements and upgrades in stock. Not only the increment but also the stock must be the first.” said Deng

In his view, these companies can only enter the positive cycle of the industry by allowing the Euler commercial distribution to be deployed on a large scale in the market.

Huawei will also use various market sales systems, including those integrated into the entire solution, to help partners open up sales in the market.

“We hope that the partners who cooperate with Euler’s commercial distribution can achieve commercial success based on Euler. This is our goal,” added Deng

The Huawei executive further reveals that Huawei will launch its self-developed programming language Cangjie in 2022 to connect HarmonyOS and Euler in the application development ecology.

harmonyos programming language

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Taihua added further notes to this story and detailed development that Huawei continues to improve its independent innovation in the field of programming languages.

He said, Huawei is motivated and needs to build root technologies, including operating systems, databases, chips, compilers, programming languages, and instruction sets, all of which belong to root.

“The programming language includes the underlying programming language, which is planned to be released in the second half of this year to support diverse computing power. Cangjie is a programming language corresponding to the upper-level application. We are currently in the process of developing programming languages, and we will do it again at a suitable time later. official release,” he said.

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