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Huawei’s AR Glasses patent technology can fit on different head sizes



Huawei AR Glasses

AR or Augmented Reality technology is one of the best innovation in the industry, and different tech maker continuously revamps new ideas around the AR field. Related to this, Huawei has also brought in a new patent related to AR tech called “AR Glasses”.

According to the information, the Huawei AR Glasses patent could meet the imaging effect of the people with different head sizes and interpupillary distances, while wearing them.  In work, the AR headset adjusts the imaging system based on the field of view of the users’ heads.

Huawei AR Glasses

Huawei AR and VR technology:

Currently, Huawei has different products related to AR and VR technology. These products are available in different markets and bring a unique user experience for the consumers. These are:

  • Huawei Smart Glass
  • Huawei VR Glass

Not only the consumer devices, but Huawei is also using AR and VR tech in its business products to enhance the use cases and provide a better solution for the enterprise partners.

(via – ithome)

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