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Huawei’s 5G phone case appears in live image



huawei 5g cover live images

We’ve previously heard about the almighty 5G phone case that could add standalone 5G access to 4G Huawei devices. As recently, the Huawei 5G phone case has appeared in live images that show its design and a little insight into how it works.

The live images from Weibo have revealed a 5G phone case along with suspected Huawei P50 phones. The cover suggested having a 5G logo printed on it along with a thick body, similar to a rugged case.

Although, it’s not clear whether this cover actually belongs to Huawei but we have clearly seen such inventions before such as the 5G mod cover in the Moto Z3 smartphone that enables 5G with a separate mod case.

Huawei 5G cover live images

5G Phone case?

Currently, Huawei phones cannot access the 5G network band due to the lack of RF signal chipsets, which is a core part to enable the 5G network in SoC. Therefore, Huawei’s phones cannot access 5G, even if it has a 5G capable processor.

Huawei 5G:

Today, Huawei will hold its Spring conference in China and the phone maker will launch a bunch of products including the new Nova 9 SE, new P50 models as well as other smart devices such as MatePad Paper ink for the Chiense consumers.

As of now, this product remains on paper but we’ll have to wait for more information to get a better understanding of what is coming towards us.

(via – ithome)

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