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Huawei won four international awards in optical communication technologies



Huawei four awards optical communication technologies

Lightwave announced Huawei as a winner of four awards for its optical communication technologies including OptiX OSN 9800 M24, Fiber to the Room (FTTR) solution, Digital QuickODN (DQ ODN) solution, and OptiXtrans DC908.

Lightwave is a world-renowned media in the field of optical networks and was awarded Huawei under the 2023 Lightwave Innovation Reviews Honorees. Lightwave will present the awards at OFC, the largest annual event for the optical network industry, on March 6th in San Diego, U.S.

Lightwave is holding Annual Innovation Award during the Optical Fiber Communication Expo (OFC) for many years. The judging panel is composed of executives, analysts, and engineers from operators and analyst institutions.

Huawei four awards optical communication technologies

Huawei’s OptiX OSN 9800:

Huawei’s OptiX OSN 9800 series is Huawei’s flagship WDM product. It is suitable for comprehensive transmission scenarios such as home broadband, mobile bearer, enterprise and government-private lines, and data center interconnection. It provides the best end-to-end solution for backbone and metropolitan area networks.

Transport solutions. Among them, the OSN 9800 M24 product has a single-wavelength 800 Gbit/s and Super C+L ultra-wide fiber spectrum, which can provide a super-large line capacity of 96 Tbit/s with a single-fiber capacity, meeting the capacity demand in the next ten years.

The judges said: “This is a reliable product that can support DCI and long-distance transmission scenarios.”

Huawei’s FTTR (Fiber to the Room):

Huawei’s FTTR (Fiber to the Room) all-optical room solution covers two scenarios of homes and small and micro enterprises. High-quality experiences such as bandwidth, ultra-low latency, seamless roaming, and intelligent management. The judges believe that the market demand for FTTR is huge, and this product can perfectly meet the market demand.

Digital QuickODN (DQ ODN):

Huawei’s DQ ODN solution can intelligently identify optical path topology and optical attenuation, realize visualization and management of the entire network, save initial investment by 20%, increase deployment efficiency by 40%, and shorten troubleshooting time to 1.5 Hours, helping operators quickly complete FTTH deployment. Judges said: “Fast fault assignment is an excellent feature.”


In the data center interconnection (DCI) domain, Huawei’s all-optical data center (DC OptiX) solution realizes ultra-wide, simplified, and intelligent all-optical interconnection between distributed data centers.

The single-fiber capacity is as high as 96Tbit/s, reducing single-bit investment; the highly integrated optical-electrical integration design saves more than 50% of DC space.

The innovative SOCC (storage and optical collaboration) protocol helps zero failures in financial transactions; one-click automatic deployment in 8 minutes, accurately and quickly locates faults and reduces deployment and maintenance costs. Judges said: “The DCI market is very competitive. This product stands out with more flexible bandwidth and data rate options.”

With such an advanced cadre of optical communication technologies, these four awards surely complement the efforts made by Huawei.

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