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Huawei will unveil Vision smart TVs on September 29



Huawei Vision Smart TVs

Yes! It’s official now. Huawei has announced the launch date for its most-discussed and anticipated gadgets – the Vision Smart TVs. The company has decided to unveil the device on the consumer platform on September 29, at 19:00 time.

Earlier, the Chinese manufacturer scheduled the release date for Huawei Vision smart TVs on September 26, with the same timing. However, for some unknown reasons, the company missed the date and didn’t say a word on this matter.

On the flip side, we came across many rumors and speculations about the upcoming smart screen models. But, in the end, we have finally started walking on the right track and within a few hours, we will catch our first glimpse of the Vision smart TVs.

Speaking of the latest information, Huawei has shared a huge poster of the Vision smart screen with its release date on Weibo. Alongside this, it informs consumers to get ready to witness the launch of the new product in the live broadcast.

Huawei Vision Smart TVs

Will Huawei Vision Smart TV go on sale in October?

Earlier, some Weibo tipsters stated that the new Vision smart screen series will go on sale on October 14, and October 31. Based on this speculation, Huawei hearsay to bring the respective devices on the ground by the first week of October.

Ultimately, the delay is over and we have the official confirmation for the first appearance of the Vision gadgets. Concerned with sale timing, there are chances that we may find these devices on the same date as mentioned by the tipster.

Another piece of good news is that four new devices are taking place in this Vision series. Consequently, there will be two standard versions and two gaming editions. Further, each device will carry some fresh and unique tweaks on its surface.

The four smart screen devices are as follows:

  • Huawei Vision Smart Screen 75
  • Huawei Vision Smart Screen 86
  • Huawei Vision Smart Screen Z65 Gaming Edition
  • Huawei Vision Smart Screen Z75 Gaming Edition

What else? Well, we still have to wait until tomorrow to see the speculations turning into reality. So get ready to explore a new visual experience and vibrant adventure with the upcoming Vision smart screens.

Huawei Vision Smart TVs

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