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Huawei will try once again to begin smart car business: President



Huawei car business

Today, at the 2022 China Auto Forum, Huawei mentioned that the company is trying to begin its smart car business once again. Alongside, the company’s executives also explained why they have been doing the smart car solutions business so far.

In its initial years, Huawei tried to leap into the smart vehicle sector. However, the business didn’t touch the expected heights. Besides, a few users complained about the car components. As a result, the company has stopped car manufacturing and initiated smart car solutions.

Although, some of the company’s officials have a different mindset. Huawei Terminal Smart Car Business President – Wang Yanmin kept his thoughts and said that we cannot halt the entire business due to one failure.¬†Hence, Huawei should once again consider stepping into the car business.

“The problem is very serious. If it can’t become a hit model, the business model can’t be closed. Huawei hopes to intervene from the initial stage of the smart new energy vehicle business, design, build, and sell together with car company partners, and sell the car into a hit.”

Users will not buy Huawei cars because they have Huawei phones!

Ironically, Wang Yanmin also said that users with Huawei phones will not purchase Huawei car products. Through this statement, the personality indicated efforts and dedication.

Huawei car business

We are well aware of how Huawei has hyped its smartphone business in both Chinese as well as the global market. Recently, the company successfully secured the first position in the China foldable phone market with 52% of the share.

Similarly, Huawei has to make efforts in its car business. Since the Chinese tech maker has given some of the best car solutions, it won’t be a difficult task to serve in car manufacturing as well. Yet, the company needs to work hard in this matter.

Till now, we only heard that Huawei does not build cars. But with time, it looks like things could take a U-turn. We will keep posting you on this matter. Stay tuned.


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