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Huawei will shine again, the US-Sanction only reignites employee’s passion: Huawei Board




Huawei is facing many challenges after the four rounds of US-Sanction, but it can’t let us give on the company, says a Huawei board member. In a recent interview, Catherine Chen shares her view on the company’s recent status in the tech market. She said the company is in a startup mind state with 30+ years of experience.

Ms. Catherine Chen natively known as Chen Lifang is President of the Public Affairs and Communication Dept at Huawei. She further elaborate, we have our strategies to overcome these situations. The expertise is paving the way into the market such as the automotive industry, energy conservation, and AI which aren’t greatly influenced by the US.

Our current status can be compared with a startup business. However, we have already faced similar problems since the establishment of the company and even successfully overcome them. With the year of experience, a well-built architecture, talented experts from various fields, Huawei will shine once again.


The US-Sanction Only Reignites Employee’s Passion:

Ms. Chen further stated the current problems rejuvenate the passion in our 190,000 employees who are putting in all efforts. Confidence in work is an important factor for any business meanwhile innovation is the key to the success of any startup.

Besides, she also claimed that the challenges aren’t the results of internal problems or poor service of the company. Oppositely, it’s a political pressure of the foreign government. However, banning Huawei won’t make them safer, as we aren’t the cause of security problems as described for the ban.

Speaking of the ban, the previous government of Tump has put Huawei on the entity list and forced it to leave 5G. Furthermore, the company isn’t allowed to purchase American 5G modules from non-American companies too. Following the Trump administration, current US President Joe Biden also imposes a rip and replace Huawei policy.

Although Huawei is taking everything is positive and thinking of it as a chance to shine again. It isn’t hidden that its revenue has a 30% of annual drop, the flagship smartphone launch shift by two quarters, and the company is forced to launch its smartphone without 5G.

(Via- TheGuardian)

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