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Huawei will launch lowest power consumption 5G base station, standby at 5W similar to a light bulb



Huawei Base Station

Today, Huawei will have a new “0 Bit 0 Watt” 5G network base station next month, which could standby at the lowest power consumption of 5W equal to a light bulb.

Huawei scheduled this launch for the Global Mobile Broadband Forum (GMBF) in Dubai, Saudi Arabia. The event is organized from October 10 to 11.

Huawei lowest power consumption 5G base station

0 bit, 0 watt:

During the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai 2023, Huawei unveiled new 0-bit, 0-watt energy-saving technology. With this tech, the equipment could enter super-deep dormancy and could wake up whenever needed.

The shutdown ratio of RF modules can reach 99%, which is the highest in the industry. The new upgrade with 0 bit 0 watt technology offers intent-driven intelligent network energy saving for the first time in the industry.

This maximizes the energy efficiency of multi-band networks by applying an optimal strategy for each site at each time.

Huawei has been testing new efficient energy solutions for wireless networks. With the solutions, Huawei aims to deliver zero equipment and network energy consumption when there is no traffic.

Thus, the 0-bit, 0-watt, equipment minimizes energy consumption during off-peak hours. All of this happens while ensuring an instantaneous service experience. The key to “0 bit, 0 watt” networks is minimizing energy use throughout the day while meeting differentiated performance requirements.

Huawei has already tested this tech in China and the results are awesome. According to the company, this solution allows AAUs to enter super deep dormancy during off-peak hours, which reduces energy consumption to nearly 5W. To automatically wake up when the service load increases, in order to ensure user experience.

The company designed such a solution for complex network scenarios including intent-driven energy saving based on service type and service target.

Site-specific energy-saving policies are formulated to strike a balance between service experience and energy savings. Through joint verification, the China Mobile Research Institute and Huawei found that this solution substantially reduces network energy consumption, with an average energy saving of 17.6% per day for 5G networks while the network KPIs stay stable.

The overall impact of standby power consumption is incredible and taking the lowest standby power intake make this upcoming Huawei 5G base station the perfect choice for the entire industry.

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