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Huawei will launch 5.5G equipment in 2024, first in the world



Huawei 5.5g

Huawei has once again broken the barrier of technology and confirmed the launch of 5.5G equipment in 2024, which is coming as the first in the world. The company is bringing a complete set of commercial 5.5G network equipment next year. 5G deployment is progressing rapidly over the past four years, the number of 5G users has reached over 1.2 billion users and there are already 115 million gigabit F5G users.

Huawei says 5.5G is a key milestone in the network industry and it will take 5G to the next level for faster access. According to Huawei, the 5.5G Era will bring a brand new user experience, and the end-to-end solution for such products leads us to the technologies including 5.5G, F5.5G, and Net5.5G.

These solutions will ensure network performance increment by 10 times the speed of the current gen 5G. Specifically, the 5.5G would feature a 10-gigabit peak downlink speed, while the uplink speed may vary depending on the network requirements.

“With a clearly defined standardization schedule, the 5.5G Era is already poised for technological and commercial verification. In 2024, Huawei will launch a complete set of commercial 5.5G network equipment to be prepared for the commercial deployment of 5.5 G. We look forward to working with all industry players to embark on the new journey towards the 5.5G era,” said Huawei’s Director and President of ICT Products & Solutions Yang Chaobin.

Huawei 5.5g

Tech Advancements:

Huawei has been an active promoter of 5.5G and the company has been working on multiple levels across the industry on R&D and verification of key 5.5G technologies. Extremely large antenna array (ELAA) technologies have also seen a vast improvement in the verification process, which is a key component for a 5.5G network. Alongside, ELAA, Huawei has also focused on 50G PON to enable 10 gigabit speeds for F5.5G ultra-broadband networks.

The tech maker revealed that it has worked with over 30 operators in teh world on technological verification and application pilots for these new technologies for 5.5G. Furthermore, AI is also used in 5.5G core networks to enhance network capabilities and availability.

Coming to net5.5G, which promises 10-gigabit access, ultra-broadband transport, and microsecond-level latency over AI networks. It allows the next-gen network foundation for industrial digitalization by providing high-quality network access.

More information about the 5.5G equipment from Huawei is yet to come but it’s exciting for us to wait for 2024 to see what advancements the company has planned for this network industry.

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