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Huawei will bring a surprise chipset this year: Tipster



Huawei new processor Kirin chipsets

2023 brought in new opportunities for Huawei and the tech make is preparing to bring in a surprise in the chipset category, suggesting a well-known Huawei tipster, which seems really exciting.

Classmateguan said that Huawei will work hard to forge ahead in 2023 and the company will craft technologies to resolve issues. However, the company could also bring some small surprises in the chipset, which remains confidential from Huawei.

The tipster hints that the surprise could drop in the second half of this year and it is likely to be a good sign for the Chinese semiconductor industry. To be mentioned, there’s no specific signal about Kirin or HiSilicon. But we can expect a large number of votes going in favor of Huawei SoC.

Huawei chipset small surprise

Chipset Manufacturing Equipment Ban:

According to a Bloomberg report, the U.S. has secured a deal with Netherlands and Japan to tighten access of chipset manufacturing technologies for China. This new move is designed to limit China’s ability to come up with a breakthrough in chip production technology.

Amid this situation, firms such as Huawei are an example of U.S. chip control restrictions and the extent that the U.S. has gone to control Chinese tech makers’ progress in the global telecom market.

Since 2019, the U.S. is continuously imposing restrictions on Huawei. Thereafter, Huawei lost access to Google Mobile Services (GMS) and the ability to print new Kirin chips via Taiwan’s TSMC.

The result of these actions caused a major drop in Huawei smartphone sales and the firm had to announce the ending of Kirin. Thus relying on Qualcomm is the sole option for the company and since 2021, Huawei is using Snapdragon semiconductors for all of its new devices.


It’s good to see what continues to rumble into the world of Huawei and we are eager to know what kind of chipset surprise the company has prepared for us.

(source – Weibo)

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