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Huawei wearable global shipment to exceed 100 million, 350 million user volume till now



Huawei wearable global shipment

Huawei wearable products are one of the finest gadgets in Chinese merchandise, and soon this smart gadget is going to exceed the limit of global shipment with flying colors. Let’s understand how!

Yes! you read it right. The CEO of Huawei Sports Health Corps has given a surprising statement about the Huawei wearable products’ global shipment. As per Zhang Wei, Huawei smartwatches will exceed the cumulative global shipment by 100 million.

Further, the global cumulative user volume will also gain a huge number, that is up to 350 million. Alongside, it also corporates with more than 80 global research institutions at present. It is a notable point that Zhang Wei has mentioned the predicted the happening for the end of 2021.

Huawei wearable global shipment

According to a Canalys report, the global shipment of wearable devices would have scored 193 million units in 2021. Consequently, this would have been a plus of 4.3% increase, year-on-year. However, due to the separation of Honor and influencing overseas policies, made the Huawei market share declined by 7%.

Yet, after dealing with multiple obstacles, the company ultimately gained the third rank with 19 million units shipped. On the other hand, Huawei remains in the first position in the home market, with a share of 30%.

Currently, Huawei is sweating on the promotion of three grand projects. These projects are the Inclusion of Innovative Blood Sugar, Lung Function health, and high altitude health research.

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