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Huawei Watch 4 series gets new battery improvement update



Huawei Watch 4 series battery improvement update

Last month, Huawei Watch 4 series began selling in China and the company is sending a new update with battery improvement. This new addition will optimize the user experience.

For your information, the new Huawei Watch 4 series update with battery improvement has version The company has packed this smartwatch lineup with HarmonyOS 3.1 operating system. Therefore, the company is promising new features out of the box.

According to the changelog, Huawei has optimized its power consumption capability. It means that the smartwatch will provide battery backup for your daily tasks. This is one of the first firmware upgrades for smartwatch owners.

Other than the battery, Huawei Watch 4 series will get better system stability. This will lead to a performance boost. Overall, the update weighs at 451 megabytes and you can download it via eSIM standalone connectivity or smartphone.

Rolling out in batches:

This new software update for the Watch 4 series comes in batches. However, it’s different from the global version. With an eSIM connection, you can directly check for a new update from the smartwatch.

Alternatively, you can fetch new firmware using the Huawei Health app. For a better user experience, it’s recommended to get the latest app version using AppGallery. To check for a new update, open up the Health app, select the Watch 4 series, and scroll down to tap on the software update.

Once downloaded, the device will restart and the watch will complete installation. In the meantime, you need to assure that the watch remains connected to the smartphone.

Global market:

Huawei Watch 4 series has recently started selling in Mexico, Europe, and the UK. That’s why, Huawei is also sending new software updates for the global Watch 4 series.

Huawei Watch 4 series is receiving a massive feature pack update

It added many new features and also improved the global Huawei Watch 4 series. Therefore, we suggest all of the users get the latest firmware as soon as it appears.

Huawei Watch 4 series battery improvement update

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