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Huawei Wallet update starts rolling out



Huawei Wallet update

Huawei is bringing a new update to its Wallet application through the AppGallery, with a build version. The company has posted the latest update with some useful performance optimizations and general improvements for the app.

At the same time, the tech giant has released a new software for the flip-flop model: P50 Pocket. In case you carry the respective foldable in your hands then you can wait for the OTA upgrade or visit the Settings app to install the firmware. Read More…

Looking into the details, Huawei Wallet update is arriving with a software package of 117.25 Megabytes. Make sure to have ample storage space in your device and use a standard Wi-Fi connection to download the new build.

The latest Huawei Wallet version ensures stable and fluent functioning. It adds a safety layer to the application so you can carry out relevant tasks like accessing cards, making transactions, and other operations worry-free.

Everything combined, the update aims to improve the usability of the Huawei Wallet application and make it more efficient for users. You can install the new update via the AppGallery or tap on the link below to grab the version immediately.

Huawei Wallet application lets you access loyalty cards, gift cards, and other payment facilities. Huawei phone users can easily add or remove bank cards as per their requirements. Besides, you can even check your purchasing history and other details.

Huawei Wallet update

Huawei Wallet (Source: Huawei)

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