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Huawei updates Push notifications service guidelines



Huawei Push notifications

Recently, Huawei updated Push Notifications service management guidelines for app developers to help them provide users with a better notification user experience and effectively apply push notification service to apps without violating the guidelines.

The updated Huawei Push notifications service guidelines include the “Category of Violations, Violations, and Penalties for Violations” as the following:

First violation: email warning. If the rectification is not completed within 7 natural days, it will be punished as a second violation.

Second violation: Suspend the application for sending information and marketing messages for 30 natural days. If the rectification is not completed within 7 natural days, it will be punished as three violations. Three or more violations: Suspend the app from using the Huawei push channel for 90 natural days.

Huawei Push notifications

Below you can check all of the violations of the notification style, notification redirection, notification content, and notification classification rules, affecting user experience:

  • Forge other applications to push messages, including forging application names, icons, message content, etc.
  • App notifications hide the app’s own name and icon.
  • The application divides the push messages of the same application into groups.
  • Notifications using custom styles that do not conform to the spec.
  • Send an image that doesn’t meet the specs.
  • Forcibly push the notification to the top without authorization.
  • Notifications cannot be deleted directly with one click.
  • Fake banner notifications, lock screen notifications.

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