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Huawei unveils AITO M9 large size SUV with HarmonyOS 4 software system



Huawei AITO M9 HarmonyOS 4

It’s December 26 and Huawei has unveiled the AITO M9 smart vehicle with a variety of luxurious functions and the HarmonyOS 4.0 software system. It is the industry’s first car to install a giant projection screen for a dynamic user experience.

That’s not it! There are a lot more interesting features in the list. So let’s dive deep into Huawei AITO M9.

AITO M9 comes on the surface with a tough body framework inspired by the Mate 60 flagship. It has a dimension of 5230mm x 1999mm x 1800mm while the wheelbase is 3110mm. It is a six-seater car and is tagged in the large SUV category.

The ultimate smart car is available in five color options: Galaxy Blue, Danxia Orange, Makino Green, Yadan Black, and Gilt Black. At the same time, users will also find certain color combinations. Thus you can pick the scheme as per your preferences.

Huawei AITO M9 HarmonyOS 4


AITO M9 appears in a luxurious outlook exhibiting premium components for both interior and exterior views. The overall structure is produced by All-in-One design technology. Eventually, the front side integrates daytime lights, two high and low-beam headlights, and smart air intake ducts, giving a tough look.

Speaking of the headlights, the AITO M9 uses Huawei’s smart headlights system which offers three light-reflecting styles: Human Galaxy, Space-Time Tunnel, and Smart Star Ring. One can use these themes as a projector which makes the smart car more productive.

Huawei AITO M9 HarmonyOS 4

At the same time, these headlights bear significant features for driving safety, and light signs display. Moving ahead, AITO M9’s body is made of the world’s largest one-piece die-casting technology. The entire vehicle is covered with aluminum alloy which accounts for 80% of the volume, making the car super lightweight.

Its coefficient is as low as 2.02 and uses a 2000MPa nuclear submarine-grade hot steel in 12 different spots. These components make the smart vehicle tough, corrosion-resistant, and highly reliable for long usage.

Interior Design

Now let’s sneak inside the car. The major highlight of the AITO M9 is the 32-inch large projection screen in the second row. This display supports a 3K resolution, 100% P3 color gamut, one-tap viewing mode, and Huawei wireless remote control. There is no lack of entertainment and users will enjoy an amazing experience.

Apart from this, the car integrates a triple-screen design with a 12.3-inch infotainment screen, a 15.6-inch control screen with 2K resolution, and a 16-inch 3K resolution passenger entertainment screen.

Smart Car solutions

Speaking of the Huawei smart car solution, the car uses a Huawei XHUD head-up display system with 2K resolution and 12000 nits peak brightness. The system not only displays essential details but also supports reversing image display.

Huawei AITO M9 HarmonyOS 4

On the other hand, the car consists of a multi-function steering wheel with a new gear lever. Also, the smart cockpit is upgraded to the HarmonyOS 4.0 software system. In terms of seats, the second row has two flexible seats with an aisle to adjust the entry and exit of the third row.

AITO M9 also installs Huawei Touring intelligent chassis. The whole series comes standard with smart 9 closed-airbags and CDC variable damping shock absorbers. It further gives room to the Huawei ADS 2.0 along with the latest 192-lidar, high-definition cameras, millimeter-wave radar, and more.

Other Features

Some other tech-pack features are the Xiaoyi smart assistant, the in-built Pangu large model, car-home interconnectivity, a small refrigerator, and seat adjustments up to 5-level height. Another powerful segment is the smart road preview system to control road conditions efficiently.

Huawei AITO M9: Two Versions.

Huawei has launched the HarmonyOS 4-powered AITO M9 in two ultimate power variants: pure electric and extended range. Both versions only differ in terms of performance. Meanwhile, other characteristics remain the same to some extent.

The pure electric version has dual motors – front and rear with a maximum power of 160kW and 230kW, respectively. Meanwhile, the total power efficiency is around 390kW and can accelerate from 0 to 100kW within 4.3 seconds.

It uses Huawei’s Whale 800V high-voltage battery with a durability of 150km in 5 minutes of charging. Yet, it showed a battery life of 630km under a light-duty vehicle test in China.

AITO M9 Extended Version

On the side hand, the extended version uses a 1.5T driving system engine with dual motors. The front and rear drive motors exhibit a maximum power of 165kW and 200kW respectively. Whereas, the overall power efficiency is 365kW and can go from 0 to 100 in 4.9 seconds.

Extended Version supports thermal efficiency of 41% and fuel-to-electricity conversation rate of 3.44kWh/L. Consequently, the fuel consumption range is quite low around 6.9L. The battery is available in 42-degree and 52-degree.

Price Details

  • Huawei AITO M9 Max Extended Version – 469,800 yuan
  • Huawei AITO M9 Ultra Extended Version – 529,800 yuan
  • Huawei AITO M9 Max Pure Electric Version – 509,800 yuan
  • Huawei AITO M9 Ultra Pure Electric Version – 569,800 yuan

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