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Huawei UNESCO will initiate Open School project for improved learning



Huawei UNESCO Open School Project

At the COP27 event in Egypt, Huawei and UNESCO announced to jointly work on the Open School project. Eventually, this initiative will improve learning as well as overcome several obstacles in the educational aspects.

So far, Huawei has introduced numerous solutions and products that can aid the education system. On the sideways, the company has held many digital programs including the TECH4ALL Innovative Education Global Online summit.

To spread innovation worldwide, Huawei and UNESCO come together for the Open School project. Accordingly, the project will stand upon the technology framework and will work on the “equality and quality” policy.

The UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Education – Stefania Giannini believes that digital techs and innovation will play a vital role in uplifting the education and traditional systems of learning.

As a result, the combination of Huawei TECH4ALL and UNESCO regulations will provide effective opportunities and will build a new generation of schools and learners. On the flip side, the project will focus to meet social and anti-social benefits for students.

Notably, Huawei informs that the new project will aim to encourage over 950,000 teachers, principals, and supervisors to utilize ICT solutions in their daily operations. On the other hand, it will help 23 million students in Egypt to use advanced and digital learning.

Huawei UNESCO Open School Project

Huawei TECH4ALL Solution

So far, Huawei TECH4ALL solution has supported a wide range of educational sectors. It comprises more than 20 high-end partners and has served above 400 global schools. Alongside this, the solution has helped various unemployed people achieve new goals.

The Head of Huawei’s TECH4ALL program – Catherine Du put forth her thoughts on the facilities and advantages of the TECH4ALL solution:

“Aiming to leave no one behind in the digital world, enabling equity and quality in education is one of four focused domains in Huawei TECH4ALL digital inclusion initiative. Moreover, we believe that ICT is a key enabler for a greener world with approaches. Like reducing carbon emission, renewable energy, circular economy, and conserving nature with technology.”


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