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Huawei testing OV50K, OV50X, and new CIS sensors for future flagship phones



Huawei testing OV50K OV50X CIS sensors

Huawei is hunting new optical solutions for its future flagship phones and in the latest edition, the company began testing the OV50K, OV50X, and CIS camera sensors. A few of these lenses are likely to show up in the second half of this year.

According to tipster @DigitalChatStation, Huawei is testing the OV50K and OV50H camera sensors for the flagship approaching in H2 2024, probably the Mate 70 series.

The OV50K 1-inch primary lens has already been tipped to appear in the respective Mate lineup with upgraded variable aperture technology. Although now, another sensor – the OmniVision OV50H has started occupying space in this subject.

  • OV50K: The 1-inch large sensor is popular for its highest dynamic range. It helps in balancing highlights and shadows in a picture and boosts the light tendency. Another benefit is – it uses LOFIC technology for faster autofocus.
  • OV50H: It is the first OmniVision 50MP main lens packed with quad-phase detection capability. It provides flagship-level low-light and autofocus performance. As a result, you get premium image quality for wide and ultra-wide rear cameras.

Ahead, the advanced OmniVision OV50X sensor is also in the same lab and will soon be tested for next year’s P80 series, as per some early inputs. Read full story HERE.

Huawei testing OV50K OV50X CIS sensors

Huawei camera sensors leak (Source: Weibo)

Howe CIS Sensors

The tipster further says that Huawei is not only testing with OmniVision sensors (OV50K, OV50H, and OV50X) but also has its hands on new CIS camera lenses. The Chinese tech giant recently ordered Howe CIS sensors in a large quantity for the P70 series and we could find them in later devices as well.

It seems a lot of optical solutions are underway. Some revelations hint that Huawei is using the OV50H sensor for the base and Pro version of the P70 lineup. However, the P70 Art is likely to opt for the Sony IMX 989 camera with hybrid lens fusion.

Aside from the camera, the upcoming Huawei handsets said to bring new Kirin 5G chipsets with ‘far ahead’ performance improvements. Thus, the launch of the new P and Mate models could also initiate new competition in the smartphone franchise.

Huawei testing OV50K OV50X CIS sensors


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