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Huawei stores in China reportedly begin blind reservations for P70 series



Huawei P70 series blind reservations China

April 2024 has started and it seems Huawei offline stores began blind reservations for the flagship P70 series in China. These official centers in the native region are calling out customers to reserve the next P series smartphones ahead of its launch.

Blue Whale Finance recently interrogated authorized Huawei stores in China and found that retailers are accepting the P70 series blind reservations with multiple memory versions. The news was initially confirmed in Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Blind Reservations: It is the process of pre-booking those products that the company has not announced or unveiled officially. Consumers often reserve such devices without knowing their major specifications, pricing, or other relevant information.

During the inquiry, a Huawei salesperson revealed that customers can opt to reserve the P70 models with different memory versions available as per their requirements. Although the launch date and other inputs need to wait for Huawei’s words.

“We are now accepting blind orders but for its official release, we need to refer to Huawei’s official notifications” – said the Huawei salesperson.

Huawei P70 series blind reservations China

Huawei P70 series blind reservations in China (Image Credits: Huawei)

The store staff mentioned that they had not received any information regarding the P70 series color, design, and internal parameters. Yet they will provide the relevant details to customers making reservations, once the premium device gets official.

Previous Leaks

Some early reports said that Huawei will initiate pre-order facilities for the P70 series models in early April. And the latest activity is marking a confirmation stamp to it.

Huawei P70 series is hearsay to join the Pioneer Project, which also means that the company could directly start selling the respective device in the market without announcing or promoting it via a grand launch event.

A lot of leaks and speculations are running on the ground related to the P70 series. But everyone now awaits Huawei’s official statements on this subject.

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(Source – ITHome)

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