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Huawei starts new tablet display and battery repair service in China



Huawei tablet Repair

Huawei tablets come with big screen size and lots of new features such as large batteries. These two components are crucial to providing you with a better user experience and Huawei has recently started relative tablet repair services for the consumers who such devices.

According to the details, the Huawei Tablet repair service includes:

  1. Battery replacement
  2. External screen repair

Information suggests that Huawei will replace tablet batteries at 129 yuan for a new battery with added 90 days warranty without any service charges.

On the other hand, the display repair service includes the replacement of the outer display. These include models that have some cracks on an external display starting at 269 yuan.  The official said that you need to pay attention to the following notes while participating in the repair of the outer display.

Huawei tablet Repair

These are:

  • Official tablet products
  • Selfless dismantling
  • Private repair
  • Deformation
  • No liquid in the host
  • Only the external screen is broken
  • The internal screen is working

Some models need to replace the battery synchronously.

Talking about additional offers, the replaced cover will have a new warranty of 30 days. Users can decide to pick up repair service or visit in-store to get this offer on their account without worrying to leave the device on-site.

(via – ithome)

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