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Huawei Smart TV from 2021 gets HarmonyOS 4 features update



Huawei Smart screen V Pro

Huawei is releasing a new HarmonyOS software update for the 2021 model of the V-series smart TV with the latest HarmonyOS 4 features. However, the rollout occurred under the beta activity with HarmonyOS build version

Below you can check the changelog of this software release (translated).

HarmonyOS 4 is user-centered and builds a new smart ecological experience to help every user unleash their personality and play efficiently. More practical and fun new features are available in HarmonyOS4. Invite you to update your experience, play freely, and play together.

Huawei Smart TV 2021 harmonyOS 4

Television: Optimize the entrance to watch TV, you can directly watch TV programs in one step through “TV” on the homepage

Smart Picture Frame: The home page has a new smart frame function. When the smart screen is idle, it will display smart frames such as landscape windows, photo walls, and art galleries, adding a
touch of comfort to your home.

Eye protection mode: Standard mode and easy mode now support healthy viewing functions such as distance detection, sitting posture detection, and blue light filtering. You need to open Settings
> Image > Eye Protection Mode switch.

Screencast: The screencasting future of smart TV is the most useful when you pair it with a Huawei smartphone. it supports one-touch screen casting at 4k high-definition images with 60fps and latency as low as 80ms.

With this upgrade, Huawei also resolved some of the issues in this TV regarding data transmission, delay, video synchronization, and more.

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