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Huawei smart screen recording higher sales in Double Eleven event, discount more than 1000 Yuan



Huawei Smart Screen

Huawei smart screen, that put on the shelves in China’s largest shopping carnival Double Eleven tops the ranking list. The smart screens recorded instant selling on both e-commerce platforms- and Tmall.

Although the Huawei Smart Screen SE, V, and S series have also participated in this Double Eleven shopping fest, the SE series made their day. Let’s first discuss the highlights and then move to the specifications.

Double Eleven: Huawei Smart Screen

The Huawei Smart Screen SE 55 inches on JD stocked out in just 30 minutes due to its relatively lower price. Meanwhile, the SE 65 inches raked first on the online retailing platform of Alibaba- Tmall. Simultaneously, it becomes the first smart screen to cross 100 million Yuan on this platform.

This shows the huge popularity of Huawei screens among consumers. Speaking of the price, the Smart Screen SE 55 inch grabs the lights with a purchasing price of 1699 Yuan offering a discount of more than 1000 Yuan.

Huawei smart screen double Eleven

Indeed, it’s rear for a flagship large screens to have a price corresponding to a mid-range smartphone. It’s the main reason that helps in boosting the sales of this screen on JD. Seems like no one was willing to miss this thrilling chance to get an outstanding smart screen at a relatively lower price.

Huawei Smart Screen SE Series:

The smart screen initially launched on 19th May this year consisting of two screen sizes of 55 and 65 inches. It offers 4K resolution, HRD vivid display, a 13MP magnetic camera, high color gamut image quality, Rheinland certificates, power of HarmonyOS2, and the sound modules of Huawei.

Besides, a stylish and chic design, this smart screen has smart features such as Huawei share and one-touch projection with the capability of multi-device collaboration. It’s really easy to watch photos and videos from your smartphone on this larger screen.

(Source: CNMO)

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