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Huawei Smart Door Lock SE open for sale at 150.44 USD



Huawei Smart Door Lock SE sale

The newly launched Huawei Smart Door Lock SE is now running live on sale. With a 15-month durable battery and HarmonyOS security guard system, the product has a lot to offer its consumers.

Huawei launched the Smart Door Lock SE on October 25, and now it’s time to bring the product into the consumer world. The company has shelved the Smart Door Lock SE on the famous online shopping platform – JD channel.

Interestingly, the original price of the smart gadget is 1399 yuan. But this amazing sale offers you a 20% discount at this moment. Yes, now you can obtain the robust Smart Door Lock SE for just 1099 yuan [150.44 USD].

However, this is a limited-period offer that is valid till November 3. So be an early bird and grab your Smart Door Lock SE with iconic features and functions.

  • Huawei Smart Door Lock SE Sale –

Huawei Smart Door Lock SE sale

Huawei Smart Door Lock SE – Specifications

The latest Smart Door Lock SE (Special Edition) installs several thoughtful features. It brings various unlocking methods with advanced facilities. For instance, AI fingerprint unlocking, NFC (Near Field Communication) unlocking, emergency key unlocking, and more.

One of the powerful aspects of this gadget is the battery. Yes, the respective device holds 8 AA batteries that last up to 15 months. Further, it also supports a Type-C power bank emergency power supply for unlocking purposes.

Huawei Smart Door Lock SE sale

Speaking of security terms, the Huawei Smart Door Lock SE contains HarmonyOS financial-level security protection. Besides, it adopts the EAL5+ security authentication chipset to store the passwords locally.

It also has a C-level in-line lock cylinder with security alarms. Hence you can have a stress-free mindset with the new smart door lock.

The gadget also comprises HarmonyOS Connect which helps you to go through this door lock using your smartphone. You can also inspect the door lock camera with this function. There is a particular app (related to the gadget) that helps you to know about the door lock status and other details.

Huawei Smart Door Lock SE sale

So don’t let this chance slip from your hands and hurry up! As the 20% discount offer is only for a limited duration.

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