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Huawei Smart Door Lock SE launched with 15 months of battery and HarmonyOS



Today, Huawei has launched a new smart door lock – Door Lock SE that comes with a powerful 15 months of battery life and is powered by the HarmonyOS operating system. On the other hand, this smart door lock comes is a part of Huawei’s 1+8+N full scenario smart ecosystem strategy.

A similar version of the Smart Door lock has been announced before but the biggest difference between the cat-eye version and the new SE is its capability to cancel 1080P HD recognition. It’s 500 yuan cheaper than the cat eye version, as its price stalls at 1399 yuan.

According to the information, Huawei Smart Door Lock SE comes with various unlocking methods including AI fingerprint unlocking, NFC card unlocking, emergency key unlocking, security password, Huawei mobile phone unlocking, Huawei watch, and other unlocking methods.

huawei smart door lock se launched

The AI ​​fingerprint unlocks wait time is only 0.5 seconds. The second unlock can learn and improve the user’s fingerprint. After the AI ​​training of the fingerprint test library, the ability to recognize fakes is higher than the payment level.

Talking about the battery life, Huawei Smart Door Lock SE is launched with 8 AA batteries that could last up to 15 months and there’s a Type-C power bank emergency power supply to unlock.

The security aspect of the Huawei Smart Door Lock SE is also good as it is powered by HarmonyOS financial-level security protection, adopts EAL5 + security authentication chip, the password is only stored locally, and the C-level in-line lock cylinder supports security alarms.

Additionally, the Smart Door Lock SE has HarmonoyOS connect, which helps you to navigate through this door lock via a smartphone and check the door lock camera from anywhere. You can arm the camera when leaving home, transmitting the sound of the smart speaker doorbell, and automatically turning on the lights when you go home.

Through a dedicated mobile App, you can also check the door lock status, and provide records of abnormal conditions in and out of the door.

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