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Huawei sits on top in 2023 global telecom equipment market despite U.S. ban



Huawei 2023 global telecom equipment market

Huawei continued to lead the global telecom equipment market in 2023 with a 30% market share. Despite growing U.S. restrictions and foreign bans on its network equipment, the company has maintained its position in the worldwide franchise.

Dell’Oro Group has recently published the chart of the global telecom equipment market 2023 where Huawei is sitting at the top. The list also counts Nokia, Ericsson, ZTE, Cisco, Samsung, and some other telecom operators across the world.

The group has considered five major aspects to figure out the ranking among telecom vendors. Eventually, this includes broadband access, microwave, optical transport, mobile core network, RAN, and service provider router and switch.

Looking into the details, Huawei has scored 30% of the global equipment market share. It shows a 2% increase compared to the previous year. The second rank goes to Nokia with a 15% revenue share. Besides, Ericsson has dropped from 14 to 13%.

Samsung is also seeing a decline in the worldwide telecom market with a 2% market share. The report further reveals that the 2023 global telecom ground has faced a decline of 5% YoY from the second half of the last year. Yet, some tech vendors performed well in this segment.


Huawei 2023 global telecom equipment market

2023 global telecom equipment report (Credits: MyDrivers)

Dell’Oro states that region-wise, North America has fallen by 20% in equipment revenue. A root cause behind this decline is weak activity in RAN and broadband access. Although, the positive development in Asia leads to stable growth in the global telecom market.

The analyst of Dell’Oro Group – Stefan Pongratz says that even though the U.S. authorities constantly limited Huawei’s strength and use of its latest chips in the market, the company came out with flying colors. No doubt, it will continue to polish its capabilities in the future as well.

Huawei 2023 global telecom equipment market

2023 global telecom market (Credits: MyDrivers)


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