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Huawei shares January 2024 EMUI security patch details



Huawei January 2024 EMUI patch details

Huawei has shared the latest January 2024 EMUI security patch details with a variety of improvements in the safety aspects of your device. The company has looked after critical, medium, and low-level vulnerabilities that often hinder user experience.

Speaking of the issues, Huawei has eliminated several defects from the device’s system. It has resolved errors in the multi-screen interaction and screen reader modules. On the other hand, the company has wiped out exploits related to the wallpaper and Wi-Fi modules.

Moreover, Huawei has addressed 2 critical, 20 high, and 18 medium levels of CVEs in the current security patch. The list further counts two vulnerabilities mentioned in the past software update. Eventually, the latest patch rollout with offer a bug-free experience to users.

While the company is rolling out new security details based on the Huawei EMUI January 2024 patch, users have locked their eyes on the next major upgrade – EMUI 14. But it looks like the company has halted the software development process for some time.


Currently, the company is also busy with its self-developed OS HarmonyOS in China which could be a reason behind the delay of EMUI 14 tick-tacks. Yet, the upcoming EMUI version will be full of excitement and introduce several new features like a revamped status bar, new camera features, enhanced UI, zoom capabilities, and more.

By that time, you can check out the latest security patch details below:

Huawei January 2024 EMUI patch details


  • CVE-2023-40088, CVE-2023-40113


  • CVE-2023-21267, CVE-2023-40073, CVE-2023-40074, CVE-2023-40075, CVE-2023-40091, CVE-2023-40094, CVE-2023-40095, CVE-2023-40090, CVE-2023-40084, CVE-2023-28588, CVE-2023-33092, CVE-2023-33107, CVE-2023-33063, CVE-2023-21120, CVE-2023-21101, CVE-2021-39810, CVE-2023-21313, CVE-2023-21343, CVE-2023-21362, CVE-2023-35674


  • CVE-2023-21183, CVE-2022-20531, CVE-2023-21294, CVE-2023-21298, CVE-2023-21300, CVE-2023-21309, CVE-2023-21314, CVE-2023-21327, CVE-2023-21339, CVE-2023-21341, CVE-2023-21350, CVE-2023-21359, CVE-2023-21360, CVE-2023-21373, CVE-2023-21376, CVE-2023-21379, CVE-2023-40101, CVE-2023-21636


  • none

Already included in previous updates:

  • CVE-2023-21394, CVE-2023-21237

The latest improvement will make its way to your handset via the OTA update. You can check it down from the system settings. However, the process could be time-consuming hence, keep an adequate amount of storage space and battery level in your Huawei phone.


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