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Huawei set up a precision manufacturing company for 600 million yuan




On December 28, Huawei has established a precision manufacturing company with registered capital of 600 million yuan. According to the China Intellectual Property database, the legal representative of this company is Li Jianguo.

New information also reveals that this company is fully owned by Huawei and the business type is a limited liability company. Also, the registration status is business registered and in operation.

Precision Manufacturing:

Precision Manufacturing is the implementation arm of precision engineering. Precision engineering focuses on the design and development of highly accurate components. It takes the original intent and design and converts it into a workable component part.

Huawei precision manufacturing company

Huawei precision manufacturing company scope:

  • An optical communication device manufacturing
  • Optoelectronic device manufacturing
  • Electronic component
  • Semiconductor discrete device manufacturing
  • Engineering, technical research, and experimental development
  • Technical services
  • Technology development
  • Technical Consultation
  • Technical exchanges
  • Technology transfer
  • Technology Promotion (Except for projects approved by law, the main business activities of Tian’s business license system)
  • Import and export of goods
  • Technology import and export (Projects that require approval according to law, Economic, and general activities can only be carried out after the relevant landmen approve the students. Its business projects are subject to the relevant section micro-standard documents or permits)

Huawei Business:

Back in August 2021, Huawei set up a Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co. Ltd. with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. The objective of this company is to research and develop the most efficient energy resource. It mainly includes:

  • Online energy metering technology research and development.
  • Online energy monitoring technology research and development.
  • The power industry energy-efficient technology research and development.
  • Emerging energy technology research and development.
  • Energy recovery system research and development.

In terms of equity prices of Huawei solely owns the company with 100% Digital Energy Holdings. It can be regarded as Huawei’s yet another fully owned subsidiary.

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