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Selling 4G better than 5G, Huawei ramps up shipment while Apple declines



Huawei p60 pro smartphone

Huawei is selling 4G smartphones in the global market and the new shipment aim suggests that these are performing better than 5G. Huawei is reported of increasing the shipment for this year to 40 million units from 37 million units. The latest statics are coming from the supply chain industry. This number is a sharp increase of 8.11% from the past figure.

The supply chain noted that Huawei is the only smartphone seller that has increased the shipment record for this year. Yet other companies including Apple has decided to cut the rest of the existing orders for shipment. This says a lot.

It is reported that shipments have been lowered almost every month this year. Supply chain sources said they were confirming why Huawei raised its shipment target. The report emphasized that other brand manufacturers are not in a position to follow up with Huawei in raising its mobile phone shipment target, at least in the short term, it is unlikely.

However, we can’t oversee the fact that Apple and the rest of the top players are shipping over 100 and 200 million devices each year. Also, Apple is also growing market share while other players are seeing a decline in sales.

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4G vs 5G:

Aside from the numbers, we need to look at the outcome of this topic and it suggests that Huawei is selling 4G better than 5G. Its latest Huawei P60 Pro, Mate X3, and Nova 11 series all come with 4G access. However, customers are still waiting to grab a unit of these devices.

Huawei P60 Pro Image

In the current scenario of the declining smartphone market, Huawei continues to increase its expectation in sales, which is a good sign.


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