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Huawei Router gets HarmonyOS 3 features



Huawei Router

Huawei has officially announced the HarmonyOS 3 upgrade for its Router lineup, bringing several new features and performance improvements. The announcement is made through the official Huawei AI life Weibo account and the update is yet to roll out for the corresponding smart devices.

Let’s dive into key HarmonyOS 3 features for Huawei Router devices.

Its new child activity detection capability will allow you to check the child device’s internet connectivity status. This will feature also let you disconnect any connected devices with one click.

Huawei Routers comes with a smart feature that adapts connectivity according to the room’s dimension, called floor plan. The new feature will automatically adjust the network connectivity based on the pre-set home layout including 1+ million real estates, and 12+ million house types, which cover over 160 cities around the country.

The latest series of features also includes a better algorithm for optimized performance. The latest improvements with HarmonyOS 3 increase the device’s stability by up to 50%. The credit goes to the new smart network technology, memory management, and CPU scheduling of multi-device internet access.

Last but not least, a new algorithm will take care of the signal tracking and positioning, which guides Huawei intelligent home devices to establish connections with a better distance and perfect signal strength.

Huawei Router HarmonyOS 3

Eligible Devices:

According to the information, the latest HarmonyOS 3 upgrade features are currently announced for:

1. Huawei Router Q6 Series
2. Huawei Router AX6
3. Huawei Router AX3 Pro

Users of these devices will be able to grab the latest abilities powered by HarmonyOS 3 operating system. However, it’s possible that the company could extend it to more devices later on.

To be mentioned, the Huawei parent control service widget is currently available for the beta testers and it’s supported only by the devices running HarmonyOS 2.0 or above.

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