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Huawei reportedly planning to build 800 HarmonyOS smart car stores



Huawei 800 HarmonyOS smart car stores

Huawei is reportedly planning to open around 800 HarmonyOS independent smart car stores. Despite shrinking market value, the company aims to achieve the ‘800 new stores’ target in 2024 and increase the number to 1000 by 2025.

In recent times, Huawei faced many challenges related to smart car stores in terms of revenue, growth, and profitability. Hence, the tech giant is looking forward to building 800 Huawei HarmonyOS smart car stores around the nation.

Eventually, this initiation will lead to the expansion of the automobile business in China. To begin with, the tech giant has started seeking partners in 78 cities in the country. Huawei prioritizes partners based on luxury automobile sales and repair experience.

Ahead, the company will offer some integrated services to these partners via user centers. The list includes sales, delivery, and after-sales facilities. On the other hand, these Smart Car stores will have new outlets and faculty based on the car’s brand.

Unlike the current car sales channels that are usually operated by dealers, the new HarmonyOS smart car centers will be independent stores. Another reason behind developing these stores is – future smart vehicles will require matching services and capabilities, which may be absent in the current stores.

Huawei 800 HarmonyOS smart car stores

HarmonyOS Smart Car Stores – LEVELS

According to an investment document, new stores will be divided into four levels – S, A, B, and C. The first one (S) will have a construction area of 8000m.sq. It will further include 12 parking spaces for exhibitions and 12 sections for delivery. The capacitor may expand to 800KW.

Next is the A-level which will use a construction area of 6000 to 8000m.sq. It will have 10 exhibition parking spaces and 10 delivery spaces. Meanwhile, the capacitor will range around 500KW. The B-level will require 4000-6000m.sq for the construction area with 8 exhibition and 8 delivery parking spaces, and a capacitor of 300KW.

Lastly, the C-level store will have a construction area of 2500-4000m.sq. with 6 exhibition and 6 delivery parking spaces. The capacitor will be around 300KW or less. These levels will help in estimating the limited display space in malls and other places.


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