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Huawei reportedly increases P70 series stock by 50%, requiring CIS sensors in large quantity



Huawei P70 series stock CIS sensors

Huawei is reportedly increasing the stock capacity of the P70 series by 50% and this has ultimately demanded a large quantity of CIS sensors. It seems the flagship phone lineup is ready for its unveiling and won’t struggle with supply chain problems.

According to the news shared by @FixedFocus, Huawei is increasing the P70 series stock by 50% and requires the Howe (Haowei) CIS sensors in surplus. The company is putting efforts to have sufficient units in the background, avoiding outages.

Notably, new Huawei products this year are somehow helping the native suppliers to boost their economic growth and Howe lens producer is no exception to this theory.

The tipster further mentions that the Howe CIS sensors are in exceeding demand these days and the productive line remains active at full potential all day long. Perhaps, Huawei is significantly supporting the Chinese firms in their recovery.

Huawei P70 series stock CIS sensors

CIS (CMOS Image Sensors)

Contact Image Sensor or CIS offers greater clarity and durability than other imaging lenses. These sensors are quite affordable and bear low power consumption. Besides, they offer high-quality pictures with low noise, HDR effects, and faster speed.

Huawei has been opting for several advanced camera solutions for the next P-series and the CIS sensors are a part of this journey. Together, these tech-pack elements will raise the standard of photography experience for consumers.

Huawei P70 Series – A tough competitor!

The Chinese tech giant has increased the P70 series stock and placed an order for more CIS sensors ahead of the official launch. This shows that Huawei is quite confident regarding its approaching P70 smartphones.

On the other hand, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned that the Huawei P70 series shipment could increase by 150% YoY. Meanwhile, the Kirin 5G chipset would be another killer move in this concept. Probably, the company is ready to give a tough fight to its rivals with a strong flagship model in the coming days.

Huawei P70 series stock CIS sensors

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