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Huawei rejects its employees worked with the Chinese military



Huawei has rejected claims that its employees worked with the Chinese military. Huawei said there’s no company-sanctioned cooperation with the Chinese military forces and does not customize products for the country’s armed forces, Huawei’s legal chief told CNBC.

Earlier, Bloomberg reported, Huawei employees worked on at least 10 projects with China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on research including on artificial intelligence and radio communications.

The information was gathered by looking at publicly available research papers whose authors were identified as Huawei employees, the report said.

“As far as I know, we don’t have military cooperation projects because we are a company dedicated to provide communications systems and (information and communications technology) solutions for civil use,” Song Liuping, chief legal officer at Huawei, told CNBC.

“My understanding is we don’t have any projects that relate to the military cooperation category. Neither do we customize products or solutions for the military,” he added.

Huawei has also consistently claimed that it has no links to China’s government or military despite repeated accusations of spying from the US government.

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