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Huawei refutes rumor of investment in Royole flexible screen technology



Huawei Royole screen investment rumor

Huawei has denied the rumor of the ‘Royole flexible screen technology’ investment. The Chinese tech giant says that the online statements are false and the company doesn’t have any such plans or made requests about these deeds in the past.

The story began when Liu Shuwei – the former director of Royole Flexible Screen Technology posted a huge summary on the Internet. The note talked about how the company’s founder – Liu Zihong made some bad decisions for the firm.

Shuwei mentioned that Huawei tried to invest in Royole Technology years back, assuming that the firm would ship advanced display panels for its devices.

Although Royole rejected the investment proposal at that time, digging a big hole for itself. This is so because Liu Zihong thought of standalone all the challenges and produce products like Samsung. Although later on, things proved in vain.

Huawei Responded:

When heard of this theory on the Internet, Huawei immediately replied that the rumor was false and that the company had never proposed any investment in Royole Flexible Screen technology.

Huawei Royole screen investment rumor

Huawei denies Royole screen investment rumor (Image Credits: Weibo)

“We have noticed that remarks about “Huawei proposing to invest in Royole Technology” have appeared on the Internet. This is misinformation. The actual situation is that Huawei has no such investment plan and has not made any investment requirements.”

Royole Technology has been a well-known display panel producer. The company invented the first bendable monochrome flexible screen in 2013 and continued to release high-end display solutions.

In March this year, Royole was charged with bankruptcy. Even though the company’s founder didn’t share any details on this matter, former director Liu Shuwei said that such cases are a result of not accepting investment requests from others.

Huawei Royole screen investment rumor

Huawei denies Royole investment rumor (Image Credits: Weibo)


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