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Huawei refutes 5G phone launch date rumor



Huawei 5G phones this year

Rumors of the 5G Huawei phone are everywhere and a recent rumor about the launch date 5G phone caught Huawei’s attention and got a reply from Huawei’s top official.

Chinese media recently circled an article about Huawei’s 5G high-end smartphone. The article mentioned that Huawei will launch a 5G phone in October. The news is coming from some channel providers, which means sales partners from the Huawei supply chain.

The channel partners also said that Huawei could only produce a small batch of 5G smartphones and only a number of distributors can sell a unit of these new devices.

To explain, the channel sources gave an example of the Huawei Mate X3. Why? Because Mate X3 sales are limited and people can’t buy this foldable phone in China due to its limited production and marketing channels.

The report further says that Huawei will also launch new smart homes and smart cars around the same timeline. Yet, the suppliers mentioned that smartphones still rule Huawei’s aim to return to profit in business.

Huawei’s reply:

In a video briefing with Huawei product sellers, the chief operating officer of Huawei Smart Devices BG, He Gang gave a statement on this matter.

Gang said that Huawei will have major announcements around or after October. However, the chief didn’t mention whether these will be related to the 5G phone or Huawei Mate 60.

Regarding this new rumor, the Huawei leader said that the 5G phone launch date news is fake, and he doesn’t know anything like this. Interestingly, He Gang didn’t deny the possibility of a 5G phone launch either.

There’s a lot to know about the 5G Huawei phone unveiling and we’ll wait for an official announcement. But the train of rumors and speculations continues to arrive.

(source – CNMO)

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