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Huawei refuses using ‘Pangu Chat’ name for ChatGPT like app




Today, headlines about Huawei launching an AI text reply platform, ChatGPT rival appeared. This product is expected to launch as Pangu Chat, however, Huawei has now refused to use such a name.

According to the information coming from Chinese media, Huawei has refused to use names like Pangu Chat. The company has also confirmed that the upcoming product won’t compete against any company. Also, the company didn’t deny such a product and its existence.

Neither Huawei affirmed the launch date of the next Pangu AI large-scale model. Yes, there could be more details waiting for us, and we’ll have to wait for an official node.

Huawei ChatGPT Rival:

It’s reported that Huawei has prepared a large-scale AI learning model and tested ChatGPT’s rival platform. The company has based this application on its own development environment.

It will base on a multi-modal 100-billion-level large-scale model product at the conference—Pangu Chat, which is directly benchmarked against ChatGPT. Read more here.

We’ll keep you posted on this matter.


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