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Huawei ranks 1st in top ten telecom equipment makers: Report




On March 8, Brand Finance has published the 150 Most valuable telecom brand 2022 ranking report. Following this report, Huawei ranks 1st in the top ten telecom brand list with a brand value of 71.233 million USD and got 82 points out of 100 in the brand strength index.

According to the Brand Finance report, the world’s top 10 telecom equipment makers include Huawei, Cisco Nokia, Qualcomm, ZTE, Ecrisso, Corning, Juniper Network, Hengtong Optoelectronics, and Zhingtiaan Technology (ZTT).

Further, the brand evaluation consultancy said that after several rounds of US sanctions and lots of difficulties, Huawei’s position and influence still remain strong in the global market. Currently, Huawei is providing service in 170 countries and regions as well as over 3 billion people are using its product and service.

In terms of data, Huawei is in the first position with 71.233 million USD and Cisco in second with 26.599 million USD followed by Nokia with 8.969 million USD, Qualcomm with 7.77 million USD.

However, ZTE secured fifth with a brand value of 3.67 million USD, Ericsson on sixth with 3.037 million. The Hengtong Optoelectronics is situated on the ninth and ZTT on the tenth with the values 858 million USD and 725 million USD respectively.

Huawei top ten telecom

About Brand Finance:

Brand Finance is the world’s leading independent brand valuation and strategy consultancy. Its headquarter is situated in the city of London and office are present there is more than 20 countries.

It is a specialist consultancy for a better understanding of marketing finances. The company’s aim is to become bridge the gap between marketing and finance. With the help of its professionals, Brand Finance releases brand evaluation reports.


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