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Huawei providing technical guidance and plan to recruit students on 7th Internet Plus competition



Internet Plus Competition

The 7th Internet Plus College Student Innovation Competition has been organized in Shenzhen. For the first time, Huawei plans to start the recruitment for Kunpeng, AI Computing, Huawei Cloud, ICT, consumption Zheyun and OpenHarmony. Furthermore, the company is also providing guidance and training on these technologies with the aim to promote innovation with the competition.

The only purpose is to enhance the subject knowledge as well as train the students on how to implement it in the industry. From basic software such as operating systems, AI computing framework, and database management to market-oriented applications, this training program will cover all subjects. The current popular applications include-

  1. Kunpeng’s full-stack software platforms
  2. Kunpeng hardware
  3. Operating system openEuler
  4. Enterprise database openGauss
  5. Data virtualization engine openLooKeng
  6. Kunpeng application enablement suite BoostKit
  7. Ascend AI full-stack software applications
  8. Ascend hardware
  9. Heterogeneous CANN computing architecture
  10. AI computing framework MindSpore

Internet Plus Competition

The participants are required to used Huawei resources such as Ascend AI software and hardware platform. For the primary preparation, the candidates can get the Huawei Cloud resource vouchers and expert guidance and training. In this line, the Huawei Kupeng Community, Ascend community, and many fellow partners are providing about 500 excellent internships with the best wishes to perform well in this internet plus competition.

Below you can check the competition timeline and price distribution-

Competition Timeline:

  • Registration Period: Until 31 August
  • Semi-Finals: Before September 30
  • Finals: Will Organized in late October

Prize Distribution:

There will be three awards- gold, silver, and bronze with certification for the top winners awarded. Furthermore, individual awards will be given to the total number of awards won by each region and school, and scoring range of the provincial, municipal outstanding organization awards, and the collective awards of colleges and universities.

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