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Huawei proposed FRMCS solution to promote Digital transformation in Railways



Huawei FRMCS solution digital

Huawei has introduced the Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) digital solution in Berlin. Ultimately, this solution is the result of great research and hard work of the Chinese tech giant in the railway industry for more than two decades.

The Chinese manufacturer launched the FRMCS digital solution at the 9th Huawei Global Rail Summit in Berlin, Germany. Thousands of committee members and reputed officials of the company attended the event to see the dynamic debut of the respective solution.

Thoughts like what is this solution and how is it beneficial would be running in your minds. Let’s simply understand this. Over the past few years, the demand for smart and intelligent railway mechanisms has touched new heights.

Individuals are expecting transformed and improved railway operations that ensure better safety and advanced services. Consequently, the Huawei FRMCS solution is a vital technology that will fulfill all the requirements, needed in the current scenario.

It not only offers high reliability and low latency for managing the train but also brings new services to the ground. For instance, locomotive status monitoring, train operation monitoring, visualized dispatch of O&M personnel, improving fault prediction accuracy, O&M efficiency, and more.

Huawei FRMCS solution digital

Huawei FRMCS Solution

The new solution relies upon the 8T8R Smart MIMO technology that enables the coverage of 1900MHz. On the other hand, it works for three crucial factors: network elements, reliable services, and interconnection mediums. Thus, with this solution, the railway sectors would be able to bring durable communication conditions.

The President of Huawei Enterprises Wireless Domain delivered a short speech on how this solution will add more digitization:

“The railway industry is now in a critical period of digital transformation. When the requirements for train-to-ground wireless communication systems are already higher than ever before. Huawei FRMCS can meet these requirements by integrating Huawei’s 4G and 5G technologies. It can help railway customers build high-reliability, high-bandwidth, future-oriented train-to-ground wireless broadband networks that are safe, reliable, converged, simplified, and capable of long-term evolution.”

To summarize, the FRMCS solution will be a huge aid in the wireless digital foundation of smart railways.


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