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Huawei Power Module 3.0 passes third-party machine test



Huawei Power Module 3.0 test

Huawei Power Module 3.0 has recently qualified for the TÜV SÜD third-party whole machinery test with flying colors. Accordingly, the result shows that the latest power supply system is highly efficient and productive.

For your information, Huawei Power Module 3.0 (AKA PowerPOD 3.0) is a power-oriented solution. The company launched the effective product in May this year at the Next-Generation Data Facility launch event.

The solution is quite reliant and durable in terms of use. It is compact, consumes 70% less power, and is a time-saving solution for operators. Besides, its highly-dense components make it more versatile for industrial usage.

As of now, Huawei Power Module 3.0 has completed the third-party whole machinery test. TÜV SÜD is a worldwide popular test center. The organization tests the data center-based solutions and certifies them accordingly.

The latest input reveals that Huawei took on the whole machine test and the results are quite accurate to the expectations. Consequently, Power Module 3.0 has qualified all the aspects of this test with good grades.

Huawei Power Module 3.0 test

Huawei Power Module 3.0 test results

The test has covered several subjects for the respective solution. For instance: system efficiency, switching mode test, system reliability and maintenance, and software function test.

  • System Efficiency: The result shows that the latest power supply system can exhibit 97.8% of efficiency even under high-load scenarios. This can easily beat the efficiency level of regular systems.
  • Switching Mode Test: Eventually, the solution can easily shift to all the switching modes in 0ms. Even at times of abnormal input functioning, the system will automatically shift on the double conversion or the battery mode and will provide hindrance-free performance.
  • Reliability and Maintenance: Despite high pressure and different temperature points, the result are good enough. The details show that the solution can work conveniently at 0 to 40-degree celsius. Further, the product is easy and simple to carry out the maintenance process.
  • Software Function: Huawei Power Module 3.0 (2.5MW) supports a bunch of thoughtful features. Such as Power function, full-chain visibility, switch tuning, AI low-load high-temperature prediction, and other functions.

In every manner, the device has successfully qualified for the whole machinery test and obtained the corresponding certificate.

Huawei Power Module 3.0 test


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