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Huawei Populus euphratica Fund-Storage Field Special Project officially released at CCFSys 2021




Through CCF Computer system conference 2021, Huawei Populus euphratica fund-storage special project has been officially revealed to outstanding young scholars at home and abroad.

According to the latest report, In the CCF conference 2021, the “CCF-Huawei Populus euphratica Fund-Storage Special Project officially released, which seeks to link issues of industry practice with the challenges of academic research, creating a platform for collaboration between industry and university.

CCF Huawei 2021 project

The research together with industry is a step towards leading research and supporting outstanding young scientists at home and abroad. There were six topics identified in the study including:

  1. Cross-source, cross-regional unstructured data management technology
  2. Data protection technology for new cloud applications
  3. Cache scheduling technology of hybrid data processing engine
  4. The extreme data reduction algorithm
  5. Basic research
  6. High-reliability storage coding technology

There are some important notes mentioned to fill the application form:

  • Applicants can fill the application form and send CCF-Huawei Populus euphratica Fund
  • Annual declaration form 2021 for the special field to [email protected].
  • Must include title CCF-Huawei Populus euphratica Fund-Storage Special Project
  • Per Applicant allot one project per year.
  • Do not forget to include questions in the subject
  • Application time is from now till 30 January 2022.

The Huawei and Chinese computer society open the above project together, presently it offset some specific topics including blockchain, databases, formal methods, high-performance computing, system software, software engineering, and other fields.


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