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Huawei plans to sell around 60 million smartphone units this year: TechInsights



Huawei 60 million smartphone units

Huawei is working on various products for the time being and it seems the company is planning to sell around 60 million smartphone units this year. If true, this could spell trouble for companies like SK Hynix and Samsung Electronics in the native region.

Technology savvy @Tech_Reve shares a few notes from TechInsights and says that Huawei is expected to sell 60 million smartphone units in 2024. Out of this number, at least 15 million units belong to flagship and innovative models with ultimate features.

Earlier, TheElec reported that the Chinese tech maker aims to achieve the goal of shipping 100 million units this year. Though the latest input shows a drop in this number, probably due to certain internal factors or hidden supply chain challenges.

Notably, the current report seems to be in line with NikkeiAsia that said in October 2023 – Huawei has set a goal to ship between 60 to 70 million smartphones this year.

If factual, this would double the sales number of Huawei devices from last year and result in big achievements amid U.S. ban and restrictions over foreign equipment.

Huawei 60 million smartphone units

Troublesome for others?

The X blogger notes that Huawei’s goal of shipping millions of phones could lead to problems for SK Hynix and Samsung. Since the Chinese firm cannot trade with these two companies, this action may result in a business loss for them.

“Why is that? Because Huawei cannot trade with SK and Samsung due to U.S. sanctions. In other words, the more market share Huawei gains in China, the more customers Korean semiconductor companies lose… This is a very worrisome situation.”

Huawei P70 series is the current focus of the company which is hearsay to increase the shipment growth by 150% YoY. Thus, 2024 seems to be a beneficial year for Huawei in all aspects.


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